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Hello Parents! The Stations for Kids interactive website was designed with the young reader in mind. Community service,  human compassion, and career investigation are presented in each story to facilitate discussion and problem-solving processes. Stations’ emphasis on the importance of early reading and literacy is in accordance with the International Literacy Association’s practice of engaging families in the learning process.


Stations for Kids core beliefs:


Reading is the gateway to all academic success.


Reading provides a way for students to develop and enhance language skills.


Reading is essential for employment and career advancement.


Reading is important for early communication skills.


Reading provides a way for a child to experience other cultures.


Reading gives the reader various points of view.


Reading enhances higher order thinking skills.

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Note to Parents: We do not collect identifiable information from children without parental consent. We believe protecting personal information about young children is important. We urge parents to instruct their children to never give out their address or telephone number without permission when online. Children are encouraged to ask their parents to review this policy and to contact us if they would like to evoke our opt-out policy or to raise any concern. Children are instructed throughout the website to get parent’s permission to participate in certain challenges or to access other website linked to ours. Please note that when you leave our website to link to other website or applications or PRIVATE POLICY does not apply to the linked site as we cannot control the activities on those other sites. This privacy policy covers the collections of information regarding the use of our website:


What information is collected and how is it collected? As part of our registration, the only personal information we collect from our users is their name and parent’s name, email address, age and grade of child. We will always send an email notice to the parent informing the parent about the child’s registration and giving the parent the opportunity to provide additional information (address and telephone number). Your registration information agreement allows the child to participate in our online challenges, conference calls, to fulfill prize giveaway via US mail, and to communicate with you about our many events we host throughout the year.


All Stations for Kids events are emailed to you and posted on our Facebook page: We also use the email addresssupplied at registration to send periodic newsletters and email updates from Stations for Kids. (if the user elects to receive them). This information will not be used for any other reasons. You may opt at any time, for any reason and your information will be deleted from our database. 

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