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Detective Maxine is always curious about solving mysteries. She borrows some rules from the scientific method to address a challenge or to find the solution to a challenge in her school, neighborhood or family.

  1. Maxine identifies a problem or challenge or someone discusses a concern with her.

  2. Maxine observes the situation.

  3. She researches the history of the problem by reading or interviewing people.

  4. After reading and interviewing people she examines how others have handled the situation in the past.

  5. Maxine creates several solutions to solve the challenge based on past practices.

  6. Maxine realizes that some concerns cannot be solved, so she formulates a way for everyone involved to cope with (tolerate) the situation or condition.

Case #1 Mrs. Sullivan, the strange neighbor.

Maxine had several conversations with Mrs. Sullivan, but they were never comfortable. Mrs. Sullivan always seemed nervous or anxious. After visiting her in the front yard after school on two different occasions, Max decided to tell her mother about her observations. As usual, Mrs. Hill told Maxine she asked too many questions about personal behaviors.

Case #2 Mr. Hill, her dad, seems distracted when Maxine speaks to him.

Mrs. Hill, her mother, has to explain that a recent medical diagnosis will cause some changes in the family. Max has to decide what her role will be in the new situation.


When you have a problem, talk to someone about it. Find out how others deal with the same problem. What methods did they use to solve the issue?

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